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Welcome to partners program! Not only is it the best partner program you'll find, but even better because it's with a company filled with people as passionate about business as you. We give you the opportunity to grow your business along with ours, making marketing easier and more rewarding.


Become an affiliate partner and of course as a brand ambassador of to earn more from your own network or during the festival season.

Earn with

Get 5% of each sale... from every single customer!

  • No cost is required. Just sign up for FREE and we will contact you further!

  • Commissions paid monthly!


  • You are required to fill the sign up form to get through our evaluation process

  • Once you are being added to our partners network, you will be given with the unique user sign up URL and an agent code.

  • You are required to share the sign up URL and/or agent code with your network to whom you are promoting about

  • For every purchase they make, you will be given with 5% of commission.

  • You will get 5% from their product price bill amount, exclusive of GST & Card transaction fee in your account.

Say for an example, if your contact has purchased the products worth of ₹10,000/-, the itemized billing details will be,

Product Purchase Price₹8,560
GST @ 18% (Borne by₹1,540
Total Bill Cost to₹10,000/-
Transaction Fee @2%₹200 (Borne by
Total Value₹10,200/-

For your commission, the numbers will be considered only from "Product Price" and rewarded with 5%. So in this case,

Your commission will be ₹8,560*5% = ₹428/-

Affiliate Agent - Terms & Conditions

  • You are required to contact team in order to get your unique customer sign up URL and an agent code.

  • Every time when your contacts make the purchase, the commission will be added to your account.

  • Your contact should be using either sign up URL or agent code. If they haven't signed up with your unique URL or used your agent code at the time of payment, we will not consider that the contact came through you. Later conversations are strictly not encouraged.

  • If the contacts have cancelled the order, the commission will not be processed for the same.

  • The commissions are rolled out on monthly basis to your bank account either through NEFT/RTGS/Cheque. We strictly do NOT handle anything with as cash in hand mode.

  • If there is a delay in the payment receivables through third party, we will consider to check on the backend and process the request.

  • Any fraudulence is found, the management has all the rights to waive out the total commissions that the agent has made.