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Online Pattasu, Pateka, Tapasu, Pattaki, Padakam, Pataka


In India, any celebration is all about crackers! Be it a nation-wide festival like Diwali or a small domestic festival like a wedding, and anything in between, crackers are the mainstay of celebrations. Crackers have gotten into the DNA of India when it comes to the mode and mood of celebrations.

The celebrations, as much as they have universality, also have a local connotation! No wonder,the word 'cracker' has found its way into the vocabulary of many languages.

It is known in different languages by different terms, although the awesomeness remains the same!!

In North India, the celebrators endearingly call it 'Pataka' in Hindi (and the term is also used to describe a few other things that might not find a place here!) For celebrations like Dussehra and Holi and others that North India takes it quite seriously, buying pataka online is surely an inevitable act.

In the state of Kerala which is abundant in coconut, literacy and local celebrations, padakams (as they call it) gains prominence, and the fact that it is close to Sivakasi only makes the celebrations better with the availability of padakams online.

Tapasulu - the word needs no introduction with that 'lu' extension. Yes, it belongs to the Sundara Telugu - the native language of Andhra and the infant-Telangana. While Andhra Pradesh and Telangana might not have signature celebration, they always have the habit of making any celebration look big like Bahubali - thanks to the availability of tapasulu to buy online.

Last but not the least, let us not forget the state that facilitated the fad of crackers all through the country with the little town of Sivakasi housed in it. Tamil Nadu is surely a leader with a lot of aspects of crackers, including but not limited to cracker-production and the vividness of festivals.

With the advent of online retailers like bijili, buying of pattasu and tappasu online only becomes easier and better.

It all comes down to how good and how awesome your celebrations are, irrespective of the language and the location. Be it tappasu or pattasu or padakam or pateka or tapasulu, it's surely gonna be fun, and we're glad that bijili will play a part in your fun!!