Considering the fact that there are a lot of families that are benefited because of the cracker industry, and the sulphur smokes only caused you good things like rain, Diwali is definitely not a cause that can be considered for pollution.

The extent of pollution caused during diwali is only minimal compared to the pollution that happens because of the Vehicles, power plants, burning of garbage and a lot of other things that happen throughout the year. The pollution that happens because of diwali crackers can be considered less than 0.1% of the entire contribution of the other pollutants. When we talk about pollution free diwali, we are not entirely talking about a cracker less diwali.

It has to be agreed that some crackers that are made without complying to the quality standards of chemicals and the composition that is mandated in the fireworks might cause a little more of pollution than expected. This might be detrimental to the environment and even through the workers who are involved in making these crackers. However, with the manufacturer who comply to the highest standards of quality and with retailers like bijili who makes the quality of crackers one of the most important requirements to make it to their inventory, you can be assured that the diwali celebrations with crackers will only get better for the environment and definitely not detrimental!